Scariest Bridges Around The World You Don't Want To Cross


We rely on engineers to keep us safe while we’re traveling from point A to point B. For centuries, they’ve been constructing magnificent bridges that not only function, but add beauty to the world around them. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that these grand and glorious structures aren’t absolutely terrifying! Whether it’s a fear of heights or simply a fear of bridges themselves, many people struggle to cross them. Footbridges often assist hikers and mountain climbers as they navigate mountain peaks. They also help us to quickly cross large bodies of water. But most of all, they provide the most direct route across any rugged and treacherous terrain. In this video, we'll show you some scary bridges, like the rotting Vitim River Bridge in Siberia and the terrifying Hongyagu Glass Bridge in China. They span some of the most intense, unforgiving, and extreme landscapes. Mountains, valleys, lakes, bays, and rivers are all conquered by feats of modern engineering.