Ridiculous Things North Koreans Believe About The US


Here at TheRichest, we have talked about many aspects of life in North Korea, but today we are going to do something a bit different. We are going to let you know just what the people in North Korea think about you. Sure, we know that Kim Jong-un isn’t a fan of America, but what about the average citizen? Do they really believe all of the ridiculous propaganda and over the top myths that the government tries to promote? According to the regime, the American army was stopped almost single handedly by the great Kim Il-sung. While we may term the Korean War, the “Forgotten War,” it’s a huge part of daily life in North Korea, and many citizens assume it’s a huge deal for us as well. They also accuse the American imperialists of occupying the southern portion of Korea, although they also believe that we take our fashion inspiration from the great Kim Jong-il.