Rich Celebs You Didn't Know Had Poor Siblings


Did you know some of the world’s richest celebrities have siblings whose earnings are incomparable?

For some rich celebs, it’s a question of “forgive and forget” versus “resent and neglect,” seeing how some of their siblings may have wronged them in the past. Several siblings sell out their brothers and sisters to the press, while others have spent fortunes that don’t belong to them on drugs and alcohol, resulting in addiction. While some celebs live in multi-million dollar homes, their siblings are often struggling and even homeless. Whether or not the media is aware of these estranged relationships, many celebs have distanced themselves from the siblings that have caused pain in their lives, and it’s unclear who is right or wrong in many of the situations. Without further ado, here are some siblings that surely aren’t as rich as their blood relatives:

Mariah Carey’s sister Alison has reportedly cost the pop star thousands of dollars due to her drug addictions.

Leon Hendrix, also known as Jimi Hendrix’s brother, was caught stealing fur coats, and only inherited a gold plate of Jimi’s albums when the guitarist passed away.

Tyke Nelson, who is the sister of Prince, also launched a music career, but it was far less successful than her brother’s, which led her to a life of drug addiction.

Another one of Mariah Carey’s siblings, Morgan, fabricated lies about his sister and sold them to tabloids.

Rob Kardashian, who is far less successful than his sisters, is rumored to be living off his family’s fortune at 28 years old.

Michael Jackson’s family fought over their brother’s money when the superstar passed away, and in 2012, the majority of his siblings participated in a civil war over his estate.

One of Alec Baldwin’s brothers, Daniel, couldn’t quite amass the success as his brother in the world of Hollywood, and fell into a world of drug addiction through multiple stints in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan’s sister Ali was touted to be a successful model, yet blamed her sister for trying to do everything in her power for her to fail.