Regular People Who Scored Dates With Celebs Through Social Media


Most of us use at least one form of social media to stay connected with our friends and family. And of course, to follow our favorite celebs! While we may dream that maybe someday they will follow us back and become enamored with our excellent selection in memes and our choice observations about daily life, for most of us that will only ever be a dream. But the people in this video were lucky enough to have a dream date with a celebrity, and they achieved this using only social media! While many people are intimidated by Ronda Rousey’s strength, one brave fan asked her to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball via facebook. She decided that his offer was one thing she couldn’t beat and agreed! And she’s not the only celebrity lucky enough to receive an invitation to a Marine Corps Ball. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have also attended events with non-celebs, and it seems they feel that they were the fortunate ones in the arrangement. Some celebrities, such as Evelyn Lozada and Nina Agdal never got to attend their on high school proms, and were delighted when their Twitter fans gave them a chance to experience one. A 15 year old cancer patient had her own prom thrown for her by her friends, who used Twitter to gain the attention of her favorite star, Drake. Although Shaun White and Dwayne Wade ended up taking their fans to prom after seeing their moving YouTube pleas, both men did keep their dates waiting until the last moment.