Recently Discovered Creatures Washed Up On Shore


The ocean is one of the most fascinating parts of our planet. It’s filled with incredible creatures, most of which we have only discovered a fraction of. Occasionally, some poor sea creature will lose its way or become injured and end up on shore. This is always a sad occasion, but hopefully we can get some good out of this bad situation. By learning more about this animals, we can better work to preserve their habitat in the future. Sometimes animals end up on shore due to a fluke, such as when a blue blubber jellyfish bloom meets a strong gust of wind. Others end up there for mysterious reasons, such as a large quantity of pilot whales. While others are so far gone by the time they make it to shore that we aren’t even sure what they are. While people are quick to try to reveal what this massive hairy monster is, we should be relishing the fact that the scientific terms for it are “blob” and “globster.” In this video, we’ll show you a basking shark that would rather eat plankton than you, as well as a shark that may have been consumed by its own kind. Some people say that the giant oarfish is a bad omen that foretells a natural disaster, but we’ll tell you if there’s any science to back that up. You’re used to seeing loggerhead sea turtles, but wait until you catch a glimpse of the massive leatherback turtle.