Real Life Human Barbie Dolls of the World


In today’s world, people’s physical appearances attract a lot of attention. But what if their appearance resembled that of a Barbie Doll? People all over the world have invested very large amounts of money in order to pay for surgeries and have makeovers that will allow them to look as similar to the very famous Barbie or Ken, as possible. When we say makeovers, we aren’t just talking about bleaching their hair blonde and wearing pink clothes. We’re talking about getting enhancements, tucks and plastic surgeries that will allow them to look like real life Barbie and Ken dolls. In addition to the incredible amounts of money these individuals have invested in themselves, they have also taken some very dangerous health risks. From silicon injection leeching into their systems, to going on extreme diets, these people will stop at nothing if it means looking like Barbie and Ken.

Sarah Burge, a British mom, has spent over $800,000 in plastic surgery in order to resemble the beloved Barbie.

Rodrigo Alves has had silicone injections in order to enhance his muscles. The chemical has affected his health significantly.

Lolita Richi, a 16-year-old Barbie from Ukraine, has altered her body to a 32 F breast size and a 20 inch waist.

Celso Santebanes, a 20-year-old Brazilian invested nearly $50,000 on four surgeries in order to resemble Ken.

Ukraine’s human Barbie, Alina Kovalevskaya, claims to be quite natural in her Barbie look. She avoids the sun in order to maintain porcelain-like skin.

Justin Jedlica has had 149 cosmetic procedures in order to resemble Ken, who he refers to as being the epitome of handsome.

Valeria Lukyanova is known for her Barbie-like looks and statements. She believes herself to be from another planet and claims to be able to survive without food, relying on only air and light…