Pushed From The Plane


When you're miles up in the air to go skydiving, geared up and set to jump, but just can't bring yourself to do it, all you need is a little push. After all, you've gone through the training and paid your lot, all after considering the prospect of leaping to the earth. scratching one more thing off your bucket list. Of course, you can't be actually pushed out of the plane if you don't really want to be, especially since your first few jumps will likely be tandem, meaning you're strapped to a professional with hundreds of jumps under his or her belt. And there's a backup parachute that deploys at a certain altitude to make sure that nothing goes horribly wrong. Nowadays, you'd have to make a special request to NOT have your jump recorded on a goPro or other camera, so you can relive the trill, and embarrassment of the very first time you jumped out of a plane and conquered your fears, remembering that first time you got Pushed From The Plane!