Props Actors Actually Stole From Film Sets


The creative working process is a very enjoyable one indeed, especially collaborative processes. The meeting of minds to make something great and beautiful together is one of the best states of humans being human. Actors on sets of movies have to be inspired to be characters that are compelling, lovable, respectable and easy to connect to. It’s an entire group effort focus on that lead character and sometimes that actor or actress has an experience with that collaborative process that changes them interpersonally forever. Not to mention, movie props are a big business and sometimes these actors are just lucky enough to have first access to them.

So what happens? These celebrities steal props from the set. They want to take home a symbol of the production’s experience. It’s a cute way to remind us that these celebrities are sentimental just like us. Super hero characters made that actor feel supernatural. That prosthetic penis helped make that actor a sex icon. The reasons could be endless but these props go missing, and the culprit is obvious. But who cares- they earned it, right?

Mark Whalberg

• Whalberg fesses up

• That the only prop he’s ever stolen

• Was the prosthetic penis

• From Boogie Nights

Daniel Radcliffe

• Daniel stole two pairs

• Of Harry Potter’s glasses

• One from the first Potter movie

• And one from the last

Dakota Johnson

• We have to wonder

• What goes on in Dakota’s bedroom

• When the flogger and the underwear

• From Fifty Shades of Grey

• All went missing

Ryan Reynolds

• Reynolds had been chomping at the bit

• For ten years

• To play Deadpool

• And felt it was only proper

• To swipe the superhero’s suit

Robert Pattinson

• Playing a vampire in Twilight

• Was more comfortable for Pattinson

• Then we thought

• He stole all of the boxer briefs

• That he was given to wear on set