Pop Songs That Don't Mean What You Think


We all know songs from ragingly popular singers like The Weeknd can either be transparent about what they are about or the messages can be veiled. Veiled messages can often increase the number of times we listen to a son, obsessing about its meaning. So it’s obvious- The Hills by the Weeknd doesn’t hide the fact that in his fame his escapades driven by a huge ego has him capable of womanizing and fronting right and left when it comes to how he’s enjoying life and the people who come his way. And we have yet to really, really know what Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is really about.

Sometimes the beat and the melody is so catchy we don’t care about what the meaning of the song is. Sometimes, knowing is good, sometimes knowing can make us listen to the song and go- what??? Knowing what seemingly nonsensical lyrics are about can change our experience of the song, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. So let’s open our minds up to the ingenuity of subtle messages in cryptic lyrics as well as the obvious ones.

Demi Lovato: Neon Lights

• Neon Lights is hazy with meaning

• But if you really listen

• It’s about finding the beauty

• of lighting up one-night stand!

The Weeknd: Can’t Feel My Face

• Can’t Feel My Face

• Isn’t about being numb

• With emotion

• It’s about being dumb numb

• On cocaine!

Britney Spears: Baby, One More Time

• What did Brit really mean

• By “Hit Me one more time”?

• Turns out all she wanted

• Was her a-hole ex

• To Call her again

Lady Gaga: Pokerface

• Brace yourself

• Pokerface is about Gaga’s bisexuality

• And bluffing with her woman-hood

• Was she thinking about women

• When she was making love to men?

Rhianna: Umbrella

• And of course Rihanna, with “Umbrella”

• Is the only singer

• Who makes anything desirable

• Even a song about wearing a condom

• Yes, that’s what she meant