Photos That PROVE People Are Having A Worse Day Than You


You think you’re having a bad day? Sure, you may have been late for work or had to clean up a mess left by the kids – but there’s always someone out there who has it worse than you. If you don’t believe us then stick around and check out these examples of people who definitely had a worse day than you.

Ahead we’ll start off with a sailor who gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘man overboard.’ Then there’s the time an industrial saw blade fell off a truck and went right into a passing truck. Yikes. Don’t feel bad about making yourself look stupid, we have proof of people getting stuck in all sorts of embarrassing situations. Even passing away doesn’t make you immune from having a really bad day. We think a certain hearse driver will agree to that. Think your day is ruined because a package didn’t arrive? One family got a bad day delivered with their mail – right into their living room. Forgetting your keys or having frozen locks can be bad. But we think having your key cylinder falling right out of your car is probably even worse. Getting wet on your way to work can make for a bad morning. We bet getting soaked by a tidal wave from a puddle is a lot worse. Ever spilt a drink in the car? That can put a real damper on things. Now imagine instead of a drink it’s two large pails of paint. The results are hilariously bad. Container ships carry hundreds of cargo containers which are organized very deliberately. One captain found out some bad weather can make for a really bad day. Ever been shot down asking someone for a date? Don’t feel too bad because we have one guy who got denied in a very public way. We all spill drinks every now and then but we think the driver who lost an entire load of beer on the highway definitely trumps any of our slips. Drains clog and back up – that just happens. But when the entire room begins to fill with sewage and you’re stranded in the middle of it, we think that makes for a really bad day. Heading over to the industrial warehouse, we see that organization is key. When one site suffered a massive collapse, the resulting mess definitely makes us glad we don’t work there. Finally, we’ll end on fender benders. They happen and are super-inconvenient. Then there’s one guy who took it up a notch by rear-ending a police cruiser. Now that’s just bad.