Photos Of People Who Had One Job And Failed Miserably


When it comes to working, we usually know our tasks. We go through job training and we get to know exactly what’s expected of us. Unless we have a complicated job where we have a lot of duties and logistical responsibilities, some of us are lucky enough to just have to focus on one thing. Granted, this doesn’t always happen. But, then there are a special group of people who literally only had one job to do, and yet, they still fail miserably. Whether it’s just to spell something correctly, mislabeling a product, or a huge design flaw...there are some things that should just be common sense. Or at least we assume so. Perhaps the job had to be done in a hurry, or there was no one to be accountable for the failure? Whatever the excuse may be, these mistakes are now immortalized thanks to the internet and we can all enjoy them to our hearts’ content!