Photos Of Donald Trump Caught In Compromising Situations


Whether you are a fan of his or not, Donald Trump has been in the public eye for an extremely long time. He has lived a life of glamor filled with expensive items, lavish accommodations, and gorgeous women. In fact, we have found 15 photos of President Trump in some rather compromising situation. These photos would undoubtedly be embarrassing for anyone else, but we have a feeling that our president just takes these with a grain of salt. It’s no secret that President Trump loves his daughter Ivanka. He is constantly singing her praises, and the pair seem to have a close relationship. However, some of the photos of The Donald and his darling Ivanka over the years might be a little bit shocking for those of us who have a much more hands off relationship with our own fathers. Before she was the first lady, Melania Trump and Donald Trump were casually dating, and she was often competing with other women for his attention. Now that the two are married, it seems like the woman she’s most often in competition with is Trump’s own daughter, Ivanka. It’s no surprise that we found so many photos of Trump surrounded by beautiful women, including many beauty pageant winners. For some reason, he seems to have a bit of trouble maintaining eye contact with them. We have also found photos of Trump with some renowned journalists and celebrities who he seems rather intent on getting close to.