Photos North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Doesn't Want The World To See


No matter how much North Korea tries to keep us from knowing what goes on, some brave photographers manage to get images to us that let us know what life is really like in North Korea. You might have heard about one soldier who risked everything to cross the border into South Korea, and we’ll let you know about the startling military conditions he left behind. Kim Jong-un definitely would not want you to know how his prized military really lives. One of the many things North Korea struggles with is keeping the lights on, and we have proof that it can go out anywhere at any time. North Korea might like to brag about their innovation, but when viewed next to photos of China, you can really tell the difference. It’s no secret that Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il are kind of big deals over there, and as such there are all types of rules about how you can photograph the statues of them.