Perfectly Trained Guard Dogs That Protect Rich People


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and people around the world have a variety of uses for them. Whether a simple companion or a durable working dog, our canine friends play an integral role in society. Just ask the wealthy people of the world. In fact, to cater to the needs of the rich there are kennels that produce well-trained and very expensive guard dogs. Outside of such businesses, there are specific breeds of dogs that have a knack for being both great guard dogs and desirable to those with a lot of cash. We’ll show you ten examples of these in the following video.

We’ll start off with a Czech training company who produce some rather high-end and expensive guard dogs for Hollywood and VIP elites. Away from the training grounds we’ll take a look at the English Bulldog, a breed that has a reputation for being expensive but also very capable in terms of guard duty. We’ll go a little more in-depth with Hurricane and Jordan, two guard dogs who protected the White House and showed off their training when tackling an intruder who was dumb enough to jump the fence. When you think of a Chow Chow you may not picture a guard dog. Yet, this breed is considered a very capable guardian and is sought after by many wealthy families. Of course, no discussion would be complete without including the Rottweiler. This dog can be expensive just for regular people. However, in certain parts of the world the super-rich have been obsessed with buying up Rotties for use as guard dogs. Over in Moscow, we’ll drop by the Kremlin and visit Yume, an Akita who is Vladimir Putin’s guard dog. We’ll also take a look at the Belgian Malinois. A favorite of military and police forces, private trainers are now selling these guard dogs to the rich. Speaking of trainers, one company is training German Shepherds specifically for the rich buyers out there. These dogs are even able to understand three languages. In some areas of the world the Tibetan Mastiff is a real status symbol. It also makes a great guard dog so we guess it makes sense people are willing to pay millions for top specimens. Finally, we’ll end off with the American Staffordshire Terrier. Hard working, these dogs are popular with wealthy individuals and families because they can make great family dogs but can also be trained to be fantastic guard dogs.