People Who Abused Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebrities


Everyone has a favorite celebrity that they follow and idolize. While this is typically a normal practice, there are some who take it a stretch too far and try to actually look like their beloved star!

These people have undergone countless, excruciating surgeries so that they can bear an identical resemblance to their idol.

Discover 8 of the top plastic surgery abusers who were devoted to looking like their favorite celebrities.

Nicholas Ryan (Ryan Gosling)

Nicholas spent over $5,000 on filler injections and Botox to look like actor Ryan Gosling

His entire jaw was redone to be more defined

Crystal (Britney Spears)

Crystal spent over $25,000 on breast implants, fat grafts in her cheeks, a nose job and lip injections

She hopes to earn a living impersonating Britney Spears at her gentleman’s club

Ashley Horn (Lindsay Lohan)

Ashley is actually the half-sister of Lindsay

She spent over $25,000 on a nose job and other surgeries to look like her sibling

Carolyn Anderson (Pamela Anderson)

Carolyn has spent $30,000 on eight breast enhancement surgeries

One of her implants exploded leaving her with one fake breast for over 6 month

She is such a devoted fan, she legally changed her last name to Anderson

Miki Jay (Michael Jackson)

Jay is England’s first Michael Jackson tribute act

She has spent about $16,000 on chin, cheeks and nose surgeries

Miki makes over $240,000 annually as an impersonator

Toby Sheldon (Justin Beiber)

Toby Sheldon spent $100,000 over 5 years to look like Justin Bieber

He has had lip lifting, Botox, hair transplants and liposuction on his chin

Jordan Parke (Kim K)

Jordan spent over $150,000 to look like his idol Kim Kardashian

He is famous for his tremendous transformation

Justin Jedlica (Ken Doll)

– Justin’s goal is to be 100% plastic

– Over 190 procedures have transformed him into a human ken doll