People That Took Bodybuilding To The Extreme


When it comes to health and fitness, the levels of extremity usually vary. Some just look for basic exercise, and don’t care for putting their bodies through tremendously difficult training regimens. Others have detailed plans and somewhat unrealistic goals to obtain a body straight out of a swimsuit magazine.

Then, there are bodybuilders.

Built like brick houses, bodybuilders aren’t just getting into shape; the average bodybuilder wants to look massive when standing next to their peers, excessively training and developing burgeoning muscles more often than not. Whether it’s to look superior at the gym or in physical competitions, it becomes a war of attrition, where the main objective is to become as large as possible.

However, there’s a dark side to bodybuilding, and some let the workouts take full control of their life. It becomes an obsession, which can lead to major drug use and even heart attacks. For every bodybuilder who simply wants to put on muscle mass, there’s another who has taken their body to the extreme.

Moustafa Ismail once held the record for biggest biceps in 2013. Ismail has been accused of injecting synthol in his arms

Gregg Valentino, whose arms once exploded, has been in and out of both rehab and jail for multiple drug charges

Gary Himing was an Australian bodybuilder rumored to have used dieuretics. Himing dropped dead on stage at a bodybuilding competition due to a heart attack

Sally McNeil is currently serving a life sentence for shooting her husband due to a “roid rage” incident

Markus Ruhl once had the biggest shoulders in bodybuilding history. Ruhl was disqualified from Mr. Olympia in 1999 for banned substances detected in his urine

Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian became an internet bodybuilding phenomenon. Sadly, Zyzz passed away at age 22 after a heart attack in a Thailand sauna