People Competing To Win A Ticket To Mars


Mars has been a hot topic as of late, since the planet made headlines for its ability to sustain human life. Earlier this year, 100 applicants (50 men, 50 women) were selected to train for a mission to Mars, courtesy of the not-for-profit Mars One project. This trip provides the applicants – chosen from a list of over 2,000 hopefuls – with a one-way ticket to Mars, as they will be making the journey to the red planet in 2024. From the 100 applicants, though, only 32 finalists will be awarded the position to potentially civilize another planet in our solar system.

While these astounding people hope to colonize the planet and inspire millions to do the same, Mars One is providing a one-way ticket for those in search of answers, meaning they will never be able to return home and will presumably live the rest of their lives there. Aiming to establish a colony and make way for the future of mankind, here are some of the most interesting people selected to take part in Mars One:

– Daniel Max Carey is a 52-year-old architect

– His wife broke down and cried when informed about his decision

– 51-year-old Japanese Etsuko dreams of living on another planet

– Etsuko wants to open the first sushi stand on Mars

– Reginald George Foulds, just turned 61, is an ex-military pilot and soldier from Toronto

– Foulds is the oldest person selected for the project

– George W. Thatcher, American, set a goal at the age of 11 to become an astronaut and live on Mars

– A man by the name of M1-K0 claims to be born 100,000 years ago

– M1-K0 deems himself as one of the first four Martians to arrive on our planet born

– Laura is a 32-year-old South African theoretical physicist

– She is making the journey in order to answer the question “What Is Life?”

– Robin is a 21-year-airplane enthusiast from Norway

– Robin is inspired by the movie “Apollo 13,”

– He is currently training to acquire a private pilot license

– Shradha was the youngest hopeful when she applied at age 18

– Now 21, the young woman from India wants to pursue a career in space sciences

– Thea, a 20-year-old country girl from Australia will also train for the project

– Thea’s always wondered what life would be like in space