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10 Animals With Extraordinary Body Features

We tend to take the animal kingdom for granted. Thanks to only being exposed to certain creatures in our daily lives, we forget that there are thousands of other species that share this planet with us...

Far Cry Which Villain Is The Most Unhinged

THE BEST VILLAINS IN FAR CRY HISTORY. No video game series has had a better, more unhinged batch of villains than Far Cry. These baddies are usually equal parts cruel, charismatic, sexy and usually out for their own self interest.

The Most Beautiful Kids From Around The World

All parents like to think that their child is the most beautiful one in the world, but we know not everyone can be right about that. But today we are going to take a look at some of the best looking k...

10 Superpowers All Kids Are Born With

Kids may be small but they are more powerful than you think. In fact, children have superpowers that would astonish most adults. We all know that they have super cuteness and lots of energy. But we fo...

10 Epic Kids Birthday Party Ideas

There is more than one celebrate your birthday. But what happens when kids get together with their parents to throw epic birthday parties? Mind blowing, unforgettable fun! This list will definitely he...

10 Schools That Have Cooler Classrooms Than You

School is a necessity that we all have to go through as we grow up. Going to school means that you have to sit in a classroom with creaky chairs and wobbly desks. You're often stuck in a plain room wi...

What Majoras Mask Teaches About Grief

MAJORA’S MASK AND THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF. The Legend of Zelda has tackled a lot of issues and has referenced great works of art, culture and literature. However, Majora’s Mask has always been the bl...

Inside The Lives Of Billionaire Kids

Prepare to go green with envy as we take you inside the lives of billionaire kids. You’ll discover the net worth of the babies of the British Royal Family, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Get ready to be shocked.

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