Outrageous Office Freak Outs Caught On Camera


Working in the confines of cubicle can cause office workers to go off the rails, breaking down and starting quite an angry scene. There's a lot of pressure with the constant deadlines, the oversight and the unrelenting need to increase efficiency, productivity, and the real or imagined 'happiness' ' that's expected to go along with it all. Anger in the workplace is highly frowned upon, and will fast track you to being alienated, overlooked, and demoted. So what's a worker to do when he or she has no way to vent the frustrations that come from the daily 8 hours of hierarchical subordination between 9 AM and 5 PM? That's when overstretched, overworked, and exhausted employees take their rage out on inanimate objects such as printers or their 'personal' computers, and in some very rare cases, even their colleagues! Take some time to destress from your job, have a laugh (if this doesn't hit too close to home, and in that case, just know you're not alone!), and check out these outrageous office freak outs!