Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind


The human brain is the control center of our entire bodies. Our brain allows our eyes to see different things, various shapes and colors. But sometimes, our mind has trouble processing the images that we see, especially when we’re viewing optical illusions. Here are a few optical illusions that will blow your mind.

Photographer Laura Williams has taken a series of optical illusion photographs using a mirror she found at her aunt’s house. In this photo, Laura stands in the middle of nature, while the mirror covers her head and midsection. The angle in which she holds the mirror perfectly reflects the trees in front of her to give the appearance that her head and entire midsection have disappeared. How cool is this?

When you take a look at this image, it appears each of the wheels in this optical illusion are spinning. To make the image stop moving, just stare at one of the black dots in the center. Our mind tricks us into thinking the image shifts between moving and being stationary because our brains aren’t able to perceive the darker colors of the black dots as quickly as the lighter colors of the rest of the image.

This woman wasn’t planning on creating an optical illusion, but her speech at the beach turned into one of the most trippy photos we’ve ever seen. The lady is standing on a board, but it looks as if she’s floating in midair! The position of the board and the shadow from a nearby waving flag give the appearance that this woman is levitating up, up, and away!

David McCracken is the artist behind a sculptural installation that has become one of the most jaw-dropping optical illusions to hit Australia. When viewed from different angles, it actually looks like this infinite staircase is ascending into the clouds. This optical illusion does a great job at manipulating our visual perspective, don’t you agree?

Which of these optical illusions blew your mind?