ONLINE SHOPPING: 10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On eBay


You can find pretty much anything on eBay. And we mean anything. The list of weird things sold on eBay doesn’t seem plausible, but all of these whacky items went up for sale on the auction site. From amazingly shaped food to body parts and even an entire life, the oddest things sold on eBay can raise staggering amounts. Especially when someone famous is involved. Or not so much when it comes to the answer to that most important question of all. Check out our top 10 of eBay’s weirdest auctions.

Next time you’re eating your breakfast, make sure you look closely at every grain of cereal. If you happen to find one shaped like one of the U.S. states, you might be able to make a four-figure profit. That’s what the Illinois Cornflake managed to fetch on eBay. And when you’re chowing down on a grilled cheese sandwich, be sure to look out for any interesting pictures in the burnt bits. If they look like a religious figure, you’ll be raking it in. The amount the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich sold for is a miracle indeed.

If you don’t have any interestingly shaped food items, then don’t despair. All you need is your own body. After all, people who have sold their foreheads for advertising space have racked up five figure sums for their efforts. Just be warned that you might have to walk around with an online casino’s URL on your face for the rest of your life. Throw in a celebrity and you’ll find that parts of the body raise even more money. And the odd eBay auctions get even weirder. William Shatner’s kidney stone anyone? Or how about a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair? The proceeds benefited charity, or course, and the lucky winners could proudly boast they had won one of the weirdest online auctions ever. A guinea pig suit of armor was also being sold on the auction site to raise money for charity. Well, what pet wouldn’t want their own metal outfit?

Sometimes weird items sold on eBay with historic connections can be hard to verify. Take the “sniper’s perch” window and frame that Lee Harvey Oswald stood at to shoot JFK. The winning bid was in the millions, but the authenticity was called into dispute. As well as items that are related to death, items relating to life have also been sold on eBay. In fact, an “entire life” was offered up for sale. And what the seller did next is incredible. Watch our video to find the full stories of the 10 weirdest things ever sold on eBay, and tell us which you think is the oddest!