OMG! 10 Most Embarrassing Snapchat FAILS


Snapchat is definitely a gift and a curse. The social media app allows you to send a view

pictures before they erase and disappear into thin air. But what many people fail to realize is that anything you post on the Internet or on an app lives on forever. Thankfully for us, some of the best Snapchat fails were captured by various users for the rest of the world to see.

One of the most cringe-worthy Snapchat fails came from a man and woman who decided it would be a good idea to drive their car at 111 MPH while Snapchatting. As you can expect, they lost control of the car, and it flipped over several times, trapping them inside. Instead of

attempting to free themselves from the wreckage, the woman continued to Snapchat photos with blood streaming down her face and the caption, “Hellllppp.” Thankfully, they both survived. And most importantly, their Snapchat fail will live on forever.

Many people use social media to capture incidents that happen in their everyday life, while

others use apps to create an illusion. One guy was busted redhanded when he pretended his “bae” was taking a candid photo of him. In the Snapchat picture, the guy is lying down with his eyes closed, and the caption, “LOL, Bae caught me sleepin’.” But there’s a mirror directly behind him, and you can clearly see that there really isn’t a bae in existence. Instead, the guy was

holding up the camera awkwardly with both of his feet. This was such an embarrassing fail!

Another Snapchat user busted themselves after they posted a photo that appeared to show them lounging in front of a pool. Instead, the picture is actually of two fingers made to look like legs bent in front of a computer background of a beautiful swimming pool. The Snapchat user admitted they “had no life,” and even though we agree, we couldn’t help but burst into laughter at this ultimate embarrassing fail.

Another Snapchat user who was caught in a lie was a guy who told his followers he was “stuck in traffic.” But the reflection in his sunglasses proved there was no traffic in sight! Being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic is the pits, so we’re still scratching our heads while trying to figure out what compelled this guy to create this Snapchat fail.

Intimate moments should be kept between both partners, but Snapchat has compelled some users to put all of their business online. One guy shared photos on Snapchat while he busted his partner for cheating. In the first photo, you can see him in complete distress with the caption, “About to catch her cheating.” The next photo confirms his fears, and his partner is shown

covering her naked body with a pillow, and the caption simply says, “Destroyed.” We would have loved to watch this fail occur in real-time, but thankfully, the screenshots ensure none of us will ever forget this embarrassing moment.

Although Snapchat is all about sharing and sending pictures and videos that are deleted in the blink of an eye, nothing that you upload to the Internet is really gone forever. Which of these Snapchat fails is your favorite?