Odd Things Found In Human Bodies


Everyone loves stories from the hospital, emergency rooms, and urgent care clinics. We ask our friends who are nurses, doctors, and clinicians for all the most interesting details of their jobs. Our morbid curiosity to find out what the most bizarre cases are that the medical professionals in our lives have encountered. We want to hear the grotesque, the comical and the unlikely. While accidents and rare illnesses can satisfy our desire to learn more about our bodies no story seems to captivate quite like a foreign body found inside of ours. From a pea plant in a lung, an eel in intestines, a 9-centimeter nail in a brain or a surgical implant accidentally left inside a woman's body to a pea plant growing in a man’s lung the stories in this video Odd Things Found In Human Bodies have your curiosity satisfied. Many of these stories involve shocking discoveries not just for the patient but their treatment teams as well. Imagine how startled you would be to discover that you're perfectly happy fiance had a nail in his brain.These medical oddities range from the embarrassing and benign to the fatal and tragic. These stories are about real people and in some cases, their lives may have been changed forever. We hope you enjoy this video of odd objects found inside the human body and find it informative. Perhaps these stories will make you think twice when you find yourself in a strange situation and protect your own safety.