Are there times when you can’t figure out why you act the way that you do? Join the club! But by using the numbers of your birth date, you can figure out your life path number. This number explains why you do the things that you do and what your little quirks might be.

Ever wondered why you are such a free spirit? Your life path number could be a five. These people tend to love to travel. They are most at home in new places and hate to be tied down. When it comes to relationships, they need to find someone with a similar life path or risk being bored.

Are you always in a relationship? Your life path number may be a 2. These people are great at relationships in every sense of the word. If you are looking for a business partner, someone with the number 2 would make a great candidate. The only problem is that they spend so much time worrying about others, that they forget to look after themselves.

No matter what your life path number is, we bet numerology can show you a few things that you never knew about yourself. Stay tuned to Numerologist: Secret Details of Your Personality Revealed to find out what your life path number is and what that means for you!