Natural Phenomena Science Can't Explain


Sure, we all know space is a vast unknown with infinite possibilities, but our surroundings on Earth feel fully explored and well-tread. With tools like Google and Youtube, you probably think you’ve seen everything there is to see. If there’s crazy gossip or a new rumor that you’re not sure is true, just type it into the internet and confirm it in seconds. You’d probably be surprised to find that there are still many things we don’t know about our little green and blue planet. Scientists seem to have an explanation for everything and modern day viewers have seen so much it’s hard to impress them. But what if we told you that we here at The Hub have put together a list of crazy Natural Phenomena Science Can’t Explain!

From weird hums to dancing Hessdalen lights, some of the occurrences on this list seem like the products of a creepy science fiction movie. Other fantastical elements include goopy star jelly from space and fantastic fairy circles while sentient whales and choreographed fireflies populate their own landscapes. With unexplained Oh-My-God Particles zipping through our orbit, balls of lightning exploding in the sky, and interconnected pipes embedded deep in subterranean caverns, we’re surrounded by mysterious happenings begging for answers. So join us as we learn about these unknowns and start to ask your own questions. Is your existence really as simple as it seems or are there complex energies at work, pushing Earth along its orbit and populating our world with odd marvels?