NAILED IT! 10 Biggest DIY Pinterest FAILS


Pinterest is packed full of inspiring images, but they’re nearly always impossible to recreate at home, as these biggest DIY Pinterest fails prove. Whether you want to do your own beauty look, have a go at a fashion craft project, decorate a fancy cake or copy a cool pose, you’re going to find that reality does not live up to your expectations. Even when you follow a tutorial, your final effort is unlikely to match the pin. Take a look at some of the funniest DIY fails when the person really couldn’t claim to have nailed it.

Makeup is a particularly difficult area to nail. Beauty DIY fails can be hilarious to see, as the awful result is written all over their face. Or nails. Or hair. What looks like a cool style on a Pinterest picture from a professional won’t necessarily look as good when an amateur tries their hand at recreating the look. Nail art is a particularly difficult skill to master, and nail art fails often end up looking very removed from the original image. Eye makeup is notoriously hard to apply if you don’t have a steady hand, and mascara mix-ups can result in a hilarious panda face. Then there’s lipstick fails where the trend looks good enough to eat but your mouth becomes a spotty, sticky mess. And when it comes to unusual haircuts, trust us when we say clippers can carve unsightly shapes into your scalp.

Clothing DIYs are also all over Pinterest, but given the number of fashion DIY fails that crop up, it seems they’re just as difficult to match to the original. Just bear in mind that a tube of glue and pot of glitter does not a fashion designer make. Nor a pair of ruby red shoes. From dressing to decorating, it seems like you can’t glance at Pinterest without seeing a stunning cake pic. But DIY baking fails prove that the pros get paid big bucks precisely because it’s a serious skill to decorate a cake properly. From melting Minion faces to sagging rubbery ducky cupcakes, you can see why it pays to get the experts in to create your child’s birthday cake.

Pinterest is a favorite place to pin impossible poses too. Whether it’s a photo of children adorably piled up or a picture of an impressive hair flip, these poses are incredibly difficult for the rest of us to recreate. If you don’t have the right lighting, camera, products or ability, then you can kiss goodbye to doing a successful DIY photo pose. Watch our video of the biggest Pinterest DIY fails and prepare to shout “nailed it!” in your most sarcastic voice.