Mythical Creatures That Were Found In Real Life


Mythical creatures have been at the forefront of fiction and our imagination for centuries. Whether they were the creation from rumors and legends, or they were created in the minds of humanity, there has always been some form of truth involved when it comes to mythical creatures. While we might not get to see a real unicorn or listen to a mermaid sing her song on the rocky cliffs of the coast, there are other mythical creatures that were more real than we ever could have imagined. But, thanks to historical documentation, we can see where some of our most popular legends stemmed from. Since science has made great progress in the world of research, we can cross examine legends and science to see where these mythical creatures come from. For example, the sea serpent was most likely to be a giant oarfish. The mythical cyclops creature may have been inspired by an early ancestor of the elephant!

In this video, we’re going to talk about some mythical creatures that were found in real life. You may have heard the term, “truth is stranger than fiction”, and in the case of these creatures, that is a definite yes! While myth may have given some of these creatures a different name for legends, they have real names in the scientific world, which means that perhaps these things need to be taken off the “myth list.” From vampires to krakens to chupacabras, there is no need to fear these creatures because they’re of legends...they should be feared because they’re real!