Mysterious Natural Phenomena Finally Explained


Since the very beginning of recorded history, mankind has been mystified by the natural phenomena our world has to offer. We have struggled to come to terms with these incredibly complex events, and initially prescribed supernatural explanations to them. Before science, how else could we have come to grasp such mystical events? Have you ever wondered how a tornado over the ocean might have formed? Or how about the mysterious sailing stones of Death Valley, California that seem to travel great distances all on their own? Or how about mysterious Hessdalen Lights that come and go in the night skies over Norway? While it may be surprising to believe, all of these occurrences and more all trace their origins to ultimately simple, scientific explanations. Over the years, scientists have relentlessly cracked away at the mysteries of these phenomena like the rolling Snow Donuts of the north, to the mystical equatorial green flashes that have inspired all sorts of Pirate lore. Yes, it’s true! While spirituality and mysticism have helped our race over the eons as a method of building communities, we have finally begun to learn the truth behind the natural phenomena that inspired it in the first place. Through the advent of modern science and advanced technology, researchers have slowly begun to peel back the veil on these once unexplainable events. Humanity has finally gained a vantage point into realms and wisdoms once believed to be the territory of the gods themselves. In this video expose, we explore these mysterious phenomena and explain their mechanisms in an entertaining, straightforward way. Here are ten Mysterious Phenomena, Finally Explained!