Mysterious Moving Statues That Scientists Can't Explain


They are a common thing in our society; those cold stares looking off into the distance. Statues are a historical tradition that give us a glimpse into the past. They help us remember a past event, they honor an important figure, and they are clad with lots of symbolism. We look at them, take the moment in, maybe snap a picture, and then move on with our day. They are still, frozen...not expected to move. However, there seems to be an alarming trend of statues that are moving, and scientists can’t explain why. In a world where we depend on science to give us answers to the most complex mysteries of life, it can be unsettling when we hear the words, “I don’t know.” Remember the Doctor Who villains, the Weeping Angels? They freeze when you look at them, and they often have their eyes covered so they don’t bewitch themselves. Their faces are terrifying as well, and if you’re touched by a Weeping Angel, you’re sent into a different time period. One has to wonder, could Weeping Angels be real, and there are statues that are moving without us realizing? How creepy!

In this video, we’re going to be talking about mysterious moving statues that scientists can’t explain. From Egyptian artifacts to religious statues, if these events are truly real, then one has to wonder why these things are moving in the first place! We’ll let you be the judge and decide whether these stories are the real deal, or just horrific fairy tales meant to give us nightmares!