Movie Mistakes You Totally Missed


As if the job of paying close attention to detail wasn’t hard enough, directors, producers and other crew members often face the consequences of guilt when their movie mistakes appear on screen. It’s not entirely their fault, but it can arguably ruin a movie’s chances of being the perfect film, courtesy of a few clumsy errors.

While having to catch everything that goes on in a scene or sequence is more or less impossible, cameras have caught some instances where not only does something appear off, but even the filmmakers probably didn’t notice the errors themselves. No matter how much money goes into making a movie, mistakes are completely normal, and part of the job. Just because one of Hollywood’s leading masterminds is behind the project, it doesn’t mean the flaws have escaped the final cut. Here are some movie mistakes you may have missed:

Star Wars

A stormtrooper can be seen slamming his head into a Death Star doorway. The gaff is actually celebrated by fans.

Quantum of Solace

James Bond throws a hook thrown attached to nothing into an enemy boat.

The Last Samurai

Captain Algren’s horse comes to a halt delivering a crushing blow to a nearby extra.


A gas-canister rig can be seen as a chariot flips to its side in the award-winning film.

Batman Begins

The same police officer can be seen twice across town. At first he witnesses the Batmobile escaping, later appearing again and requesting a description of the same vehicle.

The Dark Knight Rises

A confused henchman drops to the ground without being touched in a battle scene.