Movie Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing


It’s not like creating a full feature-length film is easy. Not only does the director have his hands full, but so do the departments dedicated to areas like post-production, sound and editing, to name a few. Since the filmmaker certainly can’t catch everything and isn’t responsible for the whole ordeal like some may think, there have been minor slip-ups when it comes to the finished product.

While the cameras are surrounded by actors, set designs, production assistants and more, the finished movie can’t speak for the amount of work that goes into making a film, especially when trying to include the details in a mere two hours. When it comes to editing, it’s usually the editor’s job to make sure the scenes are tight and exclude the outside world, yet there are instances where these mistakes end up being recorded on film, left to see for millions of moviegoers:

The Bourne Identity

In The Bourne Identity, extras are seen taking Matt Damon away in a cart, thanks to his red jacket and feet slipping out

Back To The Future III

The most-well known mistake in Back to The Future III features a child rudely gesturing on a train cart in the final scene of the film’s trilogy

Jurassic Park

A crew member’s hand can be seen balancing a raptor from behind in Jurassic Park

The Hurt Locker

Another helping hand can be spotted in The Hurt Locker


Many mistakes are visible in the war-epic, Gladiator

Mistakes include crew members, barbarians taking a break in battle and exposed air-canisters


An entire camera crew in Jaws makes its way on screen side-by-side with other boats


Even animated films are bound to carry mistakes

Disney’s Frozen sure doesn’t follow the law of gravity