Movie Clues You Totally Missed


Whether these clues were intended for viewers to find out or not, there are instances where little details are dropped in your favorite movies, and it’s likely you’ve never noticed them. From children’s films to popular films intended for adult audiences, plot twists are nothing new for filmmakers, and they surely aren’t out of the blue.

For viewers that meticulously pay attention, chances are they can catch plot twists and dropped clues, but for the rest of us, we’re forced to sit through them as they go unnoticed, and later revisit these films to familiarize ourselves with what can be the start of a developing theory. In most cases, they are there for that reason, which forces us to watch the film more than once. Here is a list of movie clues you may have missed over the years that will make your jaw drop:

Mr. Orange immediately squeals on Mr. Pink for not tipping in Reservoir Dogs.

The gangsters missed the hint early on that Mr. Orange was a rat.

Glimpses of Tyler Durden appear during The Narrator’s recount of Fight Club.

Clever viewers might have guessed that they’re the same person.

After the opening sequence in The Sixth Sense, Malcolm doesn’t interact with any other human beings for the rest of the film.

Hints were strewn about in The Usual Suspects linking Keyser Soze and Verbal Kint.

Verbal uses the same gold cigarette lighter used in the fire sequence.

Donny bowls a strike almost every swing in The Big Lebowski.

He misses on his last outing to the lanes taking place just before his death.

Triangular scars are visible on both Bane and Miranda in The Dark Knight Rises.

The mysterious marks leave fans speculating about the pair’s connection.