Most Ridiculous Face Tattoos


If there is anything we have learned from the world of tattoos, it is that tattoos are permanent and that they cannot be removed unless you get a laser treatment, which is costly and takes a lot of time. Tattoos are something that cannot be taken lightly, because they do have a level of permanency, so the selection of what exactly to put on the body takes a lot of consideration.

Designs have ranged from sexually explicit to violent to very simple. A lot of time usually goes into a tattoo selection, and have a very distinct meaning behind the design. Whether it’s a memorial tattoo or something to remember a stage in a person’s life, tattoos also act as messages. However, there is also a stigma towards people who have chosen to get some ink. Having a visible tattoo can prevent someone from getting a job or being in a relationship. Luckily, today people are becoming more welcoming and open towards those with ink, but the process is taking time.

But there is one thing that people can seem to universally agree on is that sometimes there is a limit on what could be acceptable in public. Face tattoos seem to be on that line. There is clearly a right way and a wrong way to do face tattoos. Justin Bieber recently made the news again because he decided to get a face tattoo, and the media even went as far to interview Bieber’s artist. Here are the most ridiculous face tattoos that make us all cringe