Most Outrageous Mariah Carey Rumors


The original diva, rumors of the bizarre and extravagant demands of Mariah Carey have been floating around as long as she has been making music. From demands of how her staff treat her, to special requests in the green room, Mariah Carey has always had expensive taste. This has inspired some crazy rumors over the years, but sometimes truth is even stranger than fiction.

Considering that Mariah Carey has been popular since the late 1980s, we’re inclined to think she might be entitled to some of her diva demands. After all, her success has earned her and her record labels hundreds of millions of dollars over the decades. Still, not all these rumors are about Mariah’s demands - some have to do with how insular her world is or else, hookups that may or may not have happened.

Mariah Carey has been the public eye for decades, so it should be no surprise there some rumors floating around about her. As the original diva, even confirmed stories are outrageous. We wonder if we’d do the same if we were in her shoes...

Purple, Please!

● Looking good is part of a diva’s job

● To get there

● Mariah apparently ate

● only purple foods!

The Price of Privacy

● Privacy’s worth the price

● For Mariah bought all seats on a single flight

● Just to be in peace

Hold This

● This one’s pretty nuts

● Mariah refuses to hold her own drinks

● and

● Only drinks through a straw

Kim Who?

● While some of us wish we didn’t

● We all know Kim Kardashian

● But Mariah doesn’t

● She has no idea!

Beef with Nicki

● While Mariah says this feud was fake

● It never seemed like the two divas liked each other

Worn Once

● You won’t find pictures of Mariah

● wearing the same outfit twice

● just see if you can