Most Interesting Pets That Have Ever Been Bred


When we hear about genetically modified animals, we usually attach it to something coming out of a fiction movie, but this isn’t really the case. For years now, scientists have been working on selective breeding and have created many new species and hybrids. Of course, we know that dog breeding has been around for a long time, over 40,000 years to be precise, but what about breeding other less common animals? Thanks to advanced procedures of selective breeding, you can now own all kinds of exotic animal hybrids, even some you might have never even believed exist.

Zebra Hybrids are Zebras that can be bred with horses, donkies or ponies, which result in smaller stripped offspring. Zebra Hybrids are often used for riding, as they are quite easily domesticated.

Wallaroos may sound familiar to some, as they are becoming an increasingly popular choice to own as an exotic pet. They are a perfect physical blend between a wallaby and a kangaroo. Wallaroos are known to make excellent pets as they are attentive and enjoy socializing with their owners.

Cross-breading a dog and a coyote creates a Coydog. Although Coyotes are known to be rather wild and not necessarily friendly, when they are bred with a dog, they become more welcoming and make for great family pets.

Silver Fox breeding began in 1959. After altering the behaviors of the Red Fox, the Silver Fox began displaying unique physical traits, such as floppy ears, and became known as a tame and playful pet.

Exotic cats don’t have to come with complications, and this is exactly proven with the Bengal Cat. Looking like miniature leopards, these adorable pets are happy and playful, and unlike cats, they enjoy playing in water. Although, you should know they require a lot of attention.