Most Expensive Materials In The World


Do you have a few million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, and you’re just not sure what to spend it on? Yeah, neither do we. But it’s fun to take a look at the insanely expensive materials out there anyways! Some of them actually look pretty delicious, like the creamy beluga caviar. If you’ve ever wondered what makes fish eggs so expensive, we have the answer for you! Should you go to a fancy restaurant, know that any dish involving white truffles is going to set you back quite a bit. Some of our favorite dishes, like paella, wouldn’t be the same without a pinch of saffron, but it’s also very difficult to come by and therefore quite pricey. One substance we definitely recommend you stay away from is scorpion venom. Unless, you happen to have one of the many afflictions that it can actually help with! If you’ve ever glanced over at the “exit” sign at the movie theater, you may be surprised how much that red glow costs. Solaris is used to treat serious medical conditions, but its cost is simply astonishing. It’s no wonder some people try their luck at alternative medicine, but we hate to tell you that all that rhino horn isn’t going to be of much help to you. Plutonium and tritium both have a fascinating array of uses that drive up the price substantially-just make sure you don’t actually breathe either of them in!