Most Common Lies Men Tell Their Girlfriends


Everyone has lied at least once in their lives. Some people still lie, while others are reluctant to say anything but the truth. Some lies are minor, while some fabricated one-liners can ruin someone’s life. When it comes to a relationship, lying isn’t always the best route to take. Telling the truth can be difficult at times, but honesty goes a long way, and it won’t hurt someone more than lying will.

Some lovers lie to each other, and it’s as simple as that. Regardless of hurting one’s feelings, some feel like lying can benefit them, no matter how their partner may feel if they heard the truth. While lying isn’t exclusive to just one gender, this listing focuses on men lying to their girlfriends, and how some of the most common lies are masked by little comments girlfriends hear all the time. Here are a few:

“I only have eyes for you” is something every girl hears, and there’s no way of proving whether he really does or not.

“I don’t watch porn” is another lie men tell their girlfriends, especially because every dude likes his alone time.

“I want to take things slow” may mean he’s not that into you just yet.

“You’re so funny” is often said when he doesn’t find you funny at all.

Sometimes, it’s better to say you’re busy than to take every phone call that comes your way.

“I don’t know why she’s texting me” is often something he might say when he doesn’t want to explain the relationship with the person who’s texting him.

If he doesn’t want to make an honest critique of your cooking, he may tell you he’s a great cook.

“No, you don’t look fat” could mean your man is trying to protect your self-esteem.