Most Bizarre Things Ever Caught On Nanny Cam


They’re watching. What do we mean? Well, basically, this day and age there seems to be someone watching you pretty much everywhere you go. Even if you don’t actually see a person watching you there is still probably an electronic eye that has you in its field of vision. Yes, cameras. While we often worry about any invasions into our privacy and personal lives society has come to accept more and more that cameras are just a way of life. We can see them watching our highways, sidewalks and inside stores. They watch us as we use ATMs, pump our gas or wait for the elevator. Some people think the government can use these cameras to spy on us. To a degree, they can but that’s better demonstrated in our other videos about how the government can spy on you – check them out.

Then there’s our own homes. Once a sanctuary of peace and privacy, we’ve even decided to let the cameras enter here in the form of nanny cams. Used for general security, keeping an eye on the kids or making sure the help isn’t stealing from you, nanny cam use has skyrocketed. It’s no surprise that rather disturbing stories related to what these cameras are catching has also been on the rise. Ahead you’ll find 10 rather bizarre things people have caught on nanny cam. They range from disturbing acts by baby sitters to crazy animals to the just plain inexplicable. Take a look for yourself. If this was the feed coming from your own personal nanny cam we bet these activities would freak you out more than a little.