Moments Beyonce Regrets More Than Any Others


The Queen Bey is worshipped for her voice and beauty all around the world. However, there are some incidences that make her look human and as vulnerable as the rest of us. Between scandals and embarrassing moments with family, to live performance accidents, to vicious rumors. Beyonce has moments that she needs to shake off like any of us do. Sure she’s a millionaire, gorgeous, and married to a kind hearted and loyal rap icon, but are some things that remind us all that even seemingly ethereal celebrities want to crawl under the covers amid judgments, gossip and other things that make them seem “all too real”.

Let’s take a look at some things that have happened that we all know Beyonce wished hadn’t happened, and things that are being speculated on that she wants to avoid fanning the fire on. It’s not just stuff like that either- she also have certain habits a star that are annoying other stars and disenchants her fans to be disdainfully aware of. Sure she’s super cool, super a lot of things but these things are definitely, definitely thing she doesn’t want to be known for.

Grabbed By A Fan

Poor Beyonce!

Talk about losing the moment

When a handful of hair

Gets caught in a fan

And yanks your vocals off cue

Wardrobe Malfunction 2013

Despite her famous nip slip

Perhaps there should be more talk

That Beyonce didn’t suffer

The level of criticism Janet did

Lip Sync

We saw her lapse in confidence

‘Singing’ for the president

And lip syncing the national anthem


Copycat Outfits

When it comes to fashion

She’s not that original

She annoys fellow acts

By ripping ideas for outfits

Baby Drama

Talk about keeping that figure sleek!

Beyonce carried her bump for months

But was it real?

Lots of fans wondered

If she actually had a surrogate