Mind Blowing Things Discovered In X-Rays


Medical oddities are always so morbidly fascinating that we just can’t help but gawk a little. Sometimes through horrible accidents or unfortunate negligence we end up with unwelcome items where they don’t belong. Some of the people in this video didn’t even know that they were there until they popped up on an x-ray! We’ll show you ten of the most mind-blowing items discovered when doctors decided to opt for an x-ray. There’s the regular Romeo who decided to propose to his girlfriend by hiding the engagement ring inside of a milkshake at a fast food restaurant, and soon realized why that’s generally not considered a good idea. Not only did one man in China manage to get his bathtub faucet embedded in his face, but he also grew so impatient with doctors that he ended up removing it by himself by studying the x-ray! You might think that you would immediately notice a large nail stuck in your mouth, but one man went almost a week before going to the dentist with what he thought at the time was a bad toothache. Humans aren’t the only ones who end up with strange things inside our bodies. One Burmese python decided to make a meal out of a queen sized electric blanket, a feat which animal experts say would have taken about two hours! Kidney stones aren’t an uncommon sight in an x-ray, but one man in Hungary ended up with one about the size of a coconut.