Male Celebs That Are So Unattractive, They’re Sexy


Some men defy the odds and have developed a reputation for being sexy, even though they exhibit few physical attributes that one would describe as being “conventionally sexy”. These are not male models like Tyson Beckford, Shemar Moore or Marcus Schenkenberg; these are the guys whose charisma and sex appeal come from their personalities, whose faces have “character”. While beauty and sexiness are definitely characteristics that lay in the eye of beholder, it would be hard to argue that these guys have much going for them physically. Instead, they have had to find other, more creative ways of coming across as sexually viable, be it a signature look, a razor-sharp wit, their immense talent, or simply love for the characters that they embody. It’s debatable as to whether or not most of them would be considered attractive without their accolades and star status. You wouldn’t necessarily try to pick them up at a bar during a night out with your friends, and you wouldn’t single them out while walking down the street. Their celebrity is an integral part of their appeal. This, combined with their magnetic personalities, their personal swagger and the attitudes that got them to where they are, help in overcoming their obvious physical flaws and shortcomings.

Louis Tomlinson

– One Direction’s Louis was not always considered attractive

– With heartthrob bandmate Zayn gone, Louis may be seen differently

– Louis’ strange appeal leaves fans wondering, “cute or not?”

Robert Pattinson

– Robert’s got a bizarre look by conventional standards

– His lax attitude, personal appearance and public break-up with Kristen Stewart raise him to ‘hot guy’ status

Russell Brand

– Russell’s got rocker hair and a matching erratic personality

– Once married to Katy Perry, the break up enraged Katy-Cats everywhere

– However, Russell’s bad boy image works for him

Owen Wilson

– Owen has kept a sun-swept surfer look for years

– His nose has been accidentally broken twice

– Owen proves a ‘funny guy’ appeal never goes out of style

Ryan Gosling

– Gosling’s boyish looks are quite striking

– Fan’s have even set up Twitter and Tumblr accounts dedicated to his features

– A recent father, the Canadian’s talent and his maturity make him irresistible to women worldwide

Norman Reedus

– Norman Reedus looks like he’s gone through some years of hard living

– Reedus is covered in tattoos and had facial surgery after a car crash in 2005

– Fans go crazy whenever they get a chance to pose with the Walking Dead star

Benedict Cumberbatch

– Benedict Cumberbatch stands out uniquely with his androgynous look

– He’s got serious talent, but it doesn’t mean he takes himself too seriously

– Versatile, mature, and a recent father, Benedict shines confidence