Male Celebs That Are Shorter Than You Think


While a camera may add 10 pounds to an actor’s physique, it’s quite generous when it comes to height.

Considering the amount of different shots, takes and camera angles, actors that appear on- screen aren’t usually focused on from head to toe, which means they may look immense when being stared at from the waist up. On top of that, celebrities are larger than life figures who don’t even seem real when the average person meets them face to face.

But once we get to know our favorite actor, musician or television personality, especially when we see them on red carpets, some aren’t as tall as we envisioned them to be. With the amount of roles an accomplished Hollywood actor has taken over the years, it can no doubt warp our imagination, but when we see them stand next to their partners or others who are teetering over six feet, some celebs just aren’t as tall as we thought they were.

Kit Harrington

– Heartthrob Kit Harrington is only 5ft 8”

– Game of Thrones fans may look at Jon Snow a little differently now

Justin Bieber

– Justin Bieber’s fame, for better or worse, continues to grow

– Bieber himself does not, remaining at 5ft 7”

Martin Scorcese

– Martin Scorcese is a lot shorter than you think, measuring 5ft 4”

– He may direct grandiose films but he’s rather small

Lil Wayne

– Lil Wayne isn’t all that tall, which his name makes obvious

– The rapper’s stature is just 5ft 5”

Jon Stewart

– Most of us have only seen former Daily Show host Jon Stewart sitting at a desk

– Maybe that’s why his height of 5ft 7” can be a little surprising

Bruno Mars

– Bruno Mars has built a strong pop music career for himself standing at 5ft 5”

– His hair kind of makes him look a lot taller

Seth Green

– Seth Green isn’t a towering presence at 5ft 4”

– You can really tell when he stands next to his wife

Woody Allen

– Don’t let Woody Allen’s slim and lanky physique fool you

– The iconic filmmaker is actually 5ft 5”

Josh Hutcherson

– Josh Hutcherson plays quite the brave roles

– In real life, he’s 5ft 7” and shorter than his co-stars