Make Your Own Delicious Bacon Taco Weave


Let’s face it. Bacon adds value to any meal. In this recipe, bacon replaces the very taco itself. And you thought tacos couldn’t get any better!

The Weave

14 slices of bacon.

Place the bacon on wax paper laid on a pan.

Weave the bacon.

Cook at 400F for 15 minutes.

The Taco

Get rid of the bacon’s excess fat with a paper towel.

Cut the bacon weave into a circle.

The Stand

Build a long, tall brick shape out of tin foil.

Stick two shish-kabob skewers through the shape as a base to prevent the stand from tipping over in the oven.

Place bacon over stand and put in oven for at 400F for another 15 minutes.

Fill It Up

Get your favorite taco fillings ready and fill that taco up!