Legendary Lost Cities, Finally Found!


Legends have molded and shaped our society. If we didn’t have legends, we wouldn’t have been inspired to dig deep into our earth to see if we could find proof that these legends were true, and therefore fill in the pages of the history of our existence. History, over the course of centuries, has told us legends of amazing cities that once existed. Then in a blink of an eye, those cities vanished and they were gone from existence. The only reason why we even know of them is thanks to oral tradition passed down the generations. But then, something miraculous happens. Thanks to some archaeological dig or some civilians who ran into it by accident, a legendary city is found! One of the most famous legends of a lost city is the city of Atlantis. While we have yet to find the city in a complete state, people have claimed to have found evidence indicating that Atlantis was indeed a real place and not just a place of legends.

In this video are ten legendary lost cities that have been finally found! No more do we have to tell the legends of these cities with the hope that they’re real. No more do we have to talk about these cities and argue over scholarly sources on the legitimacy of the city. No more will we have to chalk these cities up as a metaphor for a political statement. These cities have been found, and they are just as amazing as the legends say.