Instant Justice For Real Jerks


When you're a jerk, you know you deserve what justice or karma is coming to you! These people have chosen to be rude, stupid, dumb, or mean, and everything that happens to them afterward is certainly what was coming to them. It doesn't pay to be a bully, so when we see the victim get their payback, either by the victim's own doing, or by random circumstances that can only be described as karma or some other balance of the universe, we don't feel so bad when watching them get their just rewards. It's a heck of a lot of fun to see the hilarious ways that justice is served, for the common prankster friend just trying to get a laugh, to those who would do harm to others, whether that punishment comes in the form of physical pain or in the more shameful embarrassment. Check out TheRichest.com's mix of Instant Justice For Real Jerks!