Instagram's Hot Swedish Workout Couple


How does a couple get Instagram-famous? If they’re anything like Jesper Lekland and Amanda Wallander, all they need to do is break a sweat. You may have heard of this dynamic duo already, known online as, for their hot and sweet couple workouts. Amanda and Jasper met last year when they realized they had a common love: fitness. They’ve been working out together ever since, and documenting it on Instagram with great success. Amanda and Jasper’s account has amassed thousands of followers, attention from big brands and even a career in fitness. The two plan on creating a nutrition plan in 2016.

Amanda and Jesper met on Tinder in 2014. Realizing they each love working out, the competitive couple created a tandem routine. They can’t stand competing against each other! Their fitness routine includes: Partner wall-sits, yoga, pedestal squats, and lots of kissing. Amanda and Jesper are already being approached for sponsorship deals. has 50k followers and counting. On days off, the couple enjoys eating ice cream, vegetarian food, pancakes, and sweets. Jesper and Amanda also love to travel. They took Paris by storm this past winter, and the Canary Islands in the fall of 2015. Dreamteam Fitness has a motto: Train Together, Stay Together! What are you waiting for? Time to get moving!