Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Thailand


Love them or hate them, you have to admit that rich kids around the world lead pretty exciting lives. From vacationing around on private jets to living like they're rockstars, we can understand why you might be jealous of them. They’re also able to fully pursue what they're passionate about in life without having to worry about money. If you've ever wondered what life might be like for the wealthy kids of Thailand, check out our video to go Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Thailand.

Boss Yoovidhya was called out for being one of Bangkok's deadly rich kids after his reckless driving ended the life of a police officer. This heir to the Red Bull fortune didn't even stop to check if the cop was okay after he accidentally dragged him along the road. You'd think that he'd be in jail right now, but his prosecution keeps getting delayed because he never shows up to court. But you'll have to keep watching to hear what his big excuse is.

If you want to know where Beyoncé and Jay Z vacation when they visit Thailand, look no further than the Kata Rocks resort in Phuket. This place is so luxurious that it's known for being Phuket's playground for rich kids. When the rich kids of Thailand are looking for a little staycation, this five-star resort is where they choose to go. Where else can they find such a perfect background for all of their Instagram needs?

From being able to rent out a rooftop dining area that was used in "The Hangover II" to a self-made rich kid who sells fried seaweed snacks, there's a lot to learn about Thailand's elite. Make sure to keep watching to see why Thailand is a lot richer than we think.