Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Australia


The rich kids of Australia give the rest of the world’s wealthy youngsters a run for their money in the ostentatious stakes. These millionaires Down Under certainly know how to splash the cash and share their lavish lifestyles with the rest of us via social media. They’ve got the supercars, super yachts and designer clothes, and all with a stunning backdrop of one of the hottest places on earth. Follow us as we delve inside the lives of the rich kids of Australia.

Some of these rich kids have rich kids of their own, like Tammy Hembrow and Reece Hawkins. They love to upload photos of their mini mes and all the matching cars and clothes the family has. “Yummy Mummies” star Maria DiGeronimo is also a fan of dressing her daughter in coordinating outfits. After all, what’s better than covering yourself in fashion houses’ finest? Covering your child in them too, of course.

There are rich Australians who also influence the fashion world, like Antoinette Marie a.k.a. Sydney Fashion Blogger. She proves that Australians are making waves all over the globe with their luxury lifestyles. Mrs Emma Davies also fancies herself a style influencer,

but her idea of affordability is probably pretty different to everyone else’s given that she poses with designer bags and giraffes at the breakfast table. Yes, really. And then there’s Eva Scolaro, who was jailed for a glass attack. You’ll definitely want to learn more about her.

Watch our video to go inside the lives of the rich kids of Australia, including Benedict Kusay and Tony Beig, and tell us in comments what you think about it.

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