Inside The Lives of K-Pop Stars


K-Pop stars have crazy fans! It’s normal to love your favorite singer, but some people take it too far. There have been stories of fans pushing band members and causing them to injure themselves and fans who put cameras in places that they know stars will be to record them. Creepy!

A lot of K-Pop stars don’t see much money. Songs are selling for very little these days as streaming websites are trying to compete with illegal platforms. So if a K-Pop artist wants to make money, they must agree to a very strenuous tour schedule. Even then, depending on their contract, they may not see much cash.

The beauty standards of K-Pop idols are almost impossible to live up to. They must be stick-thin and as pale as possible. Management companies also often gift their clients with plastic surgeries to make them more marketable in the K-Pop world.

Whether it’s the hard work schedule, living in dormitories, not being able to date, or being on a strict diet, there are lots of rules and regulations that K-Pop stars must follow. Stay tuned to Inside the Lives of K-Pop Stars to find out what left one star crying onstage at the Seoul Music Awards!