Insects That Will Survive Longer Than The Human Species


While we tend to think of insects as being quite fragile, the truth is that many of them can trace their lineage much farther back than us, and will likely be here long after us humans are not. Some of these insects have developed astonishing self defense techniques, and others have resisted all of our attempts to eradicate them. In this video, we’ll show you ten insects that could potentially survive longer than the human species. Cockroaches might be the first insect you think of in this scenario, and with good reason. They can survive huge amounts of radiation, reproduce without males, and even keep on living after they’ve lost their heads-literally! Despite being able to resist more radiation than us, there is another insect that has them beat: the flour beetle. One aspect of post-apocalyptic life that people struggle with is working together, but many ants don’t have that problem. In fact, if just some of the 12,000 species of ants learn to cooperate, they could end up living quite a long time. We once thought that we had all but eliminated bedbugs, but they came back and with a vengeance. Turns out they’ve evolved a few ways to stay just a few steps ahead of us. Some might say that spending most of your life underground is cheating, but the cicada believes it’s a perfectly viable survival strategy and we can’t help but agree. We hate to make your skin crawl by mentioning them, but fleas have been around for a very long time, and we don’t believe they’re going anywhere, at least not before we do.